Adinda Bruining is a creative individual who started listening to voices and languages at a young age. As a child, she always watched English series and movies on TV, which is where she developed a large part of her language skills. As a voice-over artist, Adinda speaks both Dutch and fluent English (British and American). Additionally, she has been going to Germany on vacation since she was three years old, which is where she learned German.

Her love for theater, musicals, animations, and games has led Adinda to have a passion for dubbing, which she developed after attending various workshops led by professionals such as Barnier Geerling, Lotte Horlings, Nicoline Pouwer, Edward Reekers, and Laura Vlasblom. As a singer, she has been taking singing lessons under the guidance of Lies van der Bij since 2012.

With over 5 years of experience in the industry, Adinda works efficiently, quickly, and with attention to detail. She has a home studio with professional equipment, which allows her to send projects within 24 hours, often even earlier. Additionally, Adinda is happy to travel to external studios if the client wishes. With her broad experience, passion, creativity, and dedication to her profession, Adinda Bruining is a leading voice professional in her field.